Rigs inBBB, a bit confusing...

alright, i bought the DVD, and played witht he production files. i love it, its like christmas in may ( got the dvd on may 27th! woot)

anyway, i was looking at the rigs, and they are a bit confusing.

like for example:

-for the fk/ik sliders, how do they stay to the track?
-how does it switch, i looked everywhere but nothing indicates that it should work
-the eyes, the bones of the eyes have no constraints, or track to or nothing! and yet they work! does anyone know why?

altough BBB production files have been very impressive, they have equally been confusing

also, i did some work with pydrivers, and i was wondering, is there a way, to get a pydriver to control a 200 frame action for an armature, without it having to move 200 units???

i tried to reduce the number, bt then the animation was very choppy.
i was kinda hoping that i could control the entire 200 frame action by moving the py bone maybe 1-2 units.

i appreciate any help or comments
thanks in advance:)

The IK/FK sliders stay on the track because they are locked to only move on 1 axis.

Do you have all of the bone layer enabled? Most likely those bones you’re seeing are the children of hidden bones that have constraints.

Yes, everything can be found in the different bonelayers (I believe this is explained in the video ‘getting started’).

For example with JC (the rabbit):
FK arm controllers are in bonelayer 2
IK arm controllers are in bonelayer 3

of course to use them you need the IK-FK slider on the right place (LocX), either on 0 (FK) or on 0.5 (IK) in JC’s case.

The controller Eyetarget is in bonelayer 5. When Eyelock-slider is on ‘locked’, the Eyetarget is parented to the head. When on ‘free’, the Eyetarget wont move with the head. Individual eye controllers are in bonelayer 6.

I personally find that the rigging tutorial gives a little more in-depth explanation(as it should),
but indeed the getting started video is a good intro. :slight_smile:

Thanks guy’s!

alright thanks everyone, i understand why the fk ik sliders stay on track, but how do they not move past the edges?

also, how exactly does the fk ik sliders work? is ther a script? a python thing? some new feature?

thanks again tough i appreciate it:)

also, what about the other problem with the pydrivers? any ideas???


alright, after some more investigation

i figured it out

wow thats all i have to say, it seems i only looked at the surface of the iceberg.

i know understand how it all works and such… i think, ill have to look into it some more :slight_smile:

but what really interests me is if one can control a 200 frame ipo curve with w pydriver where the control object is moved max 2 units ( instead os 200) any ideas?

Why does the rig for Frank have a setup for FK legs ?Are n’t the legs in general animated in IK?

What if you want to use FK in some certain situation, like, say… running up a tree? :confused: