Rigs of Rods in blender?

I don’t know how many of you have heard of rigs of rods but its a free game and I was wondering if I could make something similar in Blender. The physics are very interesting especially the way vehicles can damage. Did they use armatures somehow? The damage looks pretty random. It seems that the body of the vehicles and “loads” bend with the frame when they run into something like if its all attached. Parts are also able to tear off in some ways like wheels and chassis and even the engines on the airplane. I also liked martinish’s example using armatures but could not figure out how he did it :confused:. Thoughts and suggestions encouraged as always (just be gentle :eyebrowlift2:).

Thanks for the link. Not seen this before… wouldn’t it be easier to modify Rigs of Rods as it looks pretty sofisticated and you could never have such big terrains with Blender (I think). Also, it uses Ogre engine I see… we are going to be the last ones to switch to it :frowning:

I believe rigs of rods uses a physics engine that allows for realtime deformation- I saw a video somewhere in which he said, basically, each edge is a spring and each vertex is a piece of mass. the entire physics engine was something like 18 lines of coding that just loops through all the vertexes and edges. you might be able to incorporate that into blender if you were to replace bullet, but I’d expect that python scripting would be much too slow to allow for this.

Hmmm so blender still has a while before it can handle such projects? I wonder how martinish created his using armatures? I just can’t figure it out! :smiley: But hey thanks for your replies! :yes: