Rigs Question about Quality

Look at this video here: (don’t have to watch the whole thing, just get to the animated part)

Now this one:

The humanoid figures have a certain thing that makes them look so much better. What exactly is it? Aside from the facial expressions and the “fingers” (since they are cube figures) what makes it look better? The first one seems so much more definite, while the second seems small.

There’s the lighting part of it, but it still doesn’t come close even if it did have good lighting.

Could someone help me out here?

to be honest none looks “better” than the other, just different. You said it yourself though, facial animations and lighting, they contribute a lot to the overall look , not to mention the voice “acting”.

I would GUESS that the first video had the people made for purpose, whereas the second video looks a lot more like minecraft. (as if they used the default characters)

I would even guess the second video was made (at least partially) InSIDE minecraft. but the first one looks as though they had ripped things from minecraft (textures and stuff) and then built the animation and scenes by hand in a 3d animation program like blender… (in this case Cinema4d)
the first video also took 4 months to make. you get out what you put in. more effort = more reward

but either way A lot is down to personal preference.

yes – the second one is just a set of repetitive predefined actions, where the first is an actual animation done with acting according to the script. Things like offset keys, ‘more’ realistic weight distribution, were included in the first. The second just had actions designed to give an impression of action – legs moving so you know its a walk, but no actual care given to balance or foot slippage

Here’s one of mine.

How would I make this one look more like the first example? It’s just that the first one looks more HD, but what are the effects?

Is it ambient occlusion? Or maybe soft shadows?

i just want to make something that has jus the right amount of realism, but still looks like Minecraft :stuck_out_tongue: