Rigs with Dinamics

Hey, Guys…

I´m very amazed by the rigs on the characters made by that awsome students of Gobelins.

I was watching the making of The Burning Safari and wondering how they did that rigs WITH DINAMICS. Anyone has a clue on how to do it? The videos that show it clearly are the Maxime Maleo and Florant de La Taille ones.

Just to make my question very clear: it is possible in Blender to make a bone rig that has a delay in motion compared to its parent? It´s very useful for the animation principles of overlapping and follow-though, like hair, tails and so on.


To the best of my knowledge you cannot directly delay a bones motion (like you can do for parented objects).

Here’s a blend I made that demonstrates how you can use softbodies on a separate, simple mesh (in this case, the mesh is just a line) with an empty vertex parented to one end of the soft mesh. The rig then has a bone which has a stretch to constraint targeting the empty.


Hi, sketchy!

Very good solution! I´m very impressed on the results you´ve achieved.:smiley:

Thanks a lot for your post!


I’ve made a test too…
The .blend is in my blog: http://brutto.proceduralbase.org/2006/12/07/bones-softbodies/

Sorry about the portuguese, but i’m brazilian!