hi, here’s my new work.
I hope you’ll enjoy

done in blender 2.56a

Very nice. Is this a blender render? I like how her features are kinda cartoony almost, but with like a realistic painting kind of texture.

many thanks !!
yes, it’s a render made ​​with blender
For modeling … I do a sort of synthesis of features
in an unconscious way

nice~ how do you make the hair? is it particles or polygon?

Simply Superb. How long have you been modelling ?

Excellent! Five stars from me. I’d also love to see some wireframes, UV mapping, etcetera.

Nice! but a little comping would make it good

Is possible a front view of the face and a wireframe?

Have you modeled from scratch the head or have you used a model from poser or so? If all is modeled from scratch then you are really an artist, it has a very profesional look and personality but I feel some is not right and it could be that you used a mesh from a program as said.

I am confused about your art, I was viewing all the threads you started. Usually they have deformations, even this face has deformations like the mouth and cheeks too bulgy. But in the other models that was a defect for me but in this case it creates a very stilized look that looks superb. Is a very great image. It reminds me of the distortion in the Akenaton face on the statues of him in egypt.

thanks a lot for for your kind appreciation !!

the hair are made with particles

I have made ​​in about 4-6 days

I think that I will post some making of images

thanks for the five stars !!

I do not use very compositing though this is a defect

I’ve never used poser in my life
I have not imported any mesh
I created a model I put it in his pose with armarture and I adjusted with the sculpting
I really like Egyptian art, I feel like one of the arts
most essential and aesthetically perfect
The comparison with the statue of Akhenaton is very nice

Its look very good, how do you comb it so neatly?

Well, all my doubts cleared: This is one of the better faces I have seen ever. The eyes are incredible, the mouth is incredible, the nose is incredible. Amazing model. So sweet in the curves!

thanks !!

I used a variety of separate particle systems for
better to comb
I used the spline guide for the tuft

thanks for the incredible appreciation !!!
I’m very happy !!

Btw, did you do projection painting with photo-realistic images? or the texture of the character you paint yourself?

I used the project painting and baked the image
and I then I used the texture painting
I mainly used the clone brush
to adjust the texture

I like this :slight_smile:

Lighting and shaders need much more work :wink:

very good stylised character. The dress seams to overlpa a little bit with the shoulder.

this model is so lovely. great job sir :slight_smile:

Thanks to all !!
a small update
I wanted to make my model more similar to my reference
I also hope that they reassign me my little star

a new update !

nice work mate.