Riky's Sketchbook

Hi guys!
I’m pretty newbie in Blender. Actually, I’ve started this month and… I’m loving it!

Here are my works until today.
Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

(Sorry by the english, isn’t my native language ^^)

Edit: Trying to enable thumbnails :confused:

1- Jar of Cherry Blossom (With help of Cherry Blossom tutorial from Andrew Price.)
2- Try of wine scene
3- A rereading(?) from the Bullet modelling from BlenderGuru.

(Continue in the next post)


4-Daily 3D of Reddit

An Apple :smiley:

The same one, just in diferent collors.

The Mask’s mask :slight_smile:

wow how r u that good and started this month :slight_smile:

oh and the stem on the apple looks green