rim lighting+shell shading in BGE

how to achieve rim lighting and shell shading in bge ? :slight_smile:

Maybe this is something you should google

what is shell shading… some screens would be nice to know exactly what you mean! A little bit more information! :slight_smile:
Rimlight Shading is not to hard to achieve… I can prepare you something.

Here is a quick example! The Normal Node edits the direction of the rim. the colorramp edits the softness of the rim edge.


RimShading.blend (553 KB)

Cellshading, which you definitely meant by “Shell Shading” (and that Name would actualy make just as much Sense), can be achieved in one Way if you use a Methof like ndee’s but put a “Less Than” Math Converter where the Color Ramp is.
There are other Way to achieving the Dot Product too, by using the Geometry Input’s Normal and View Vectors on a Vector Converter, then you can also get the Cross Product and other Stuff – using the Cross Product on a Substract Math Converter (1.0-Input) gives a slightly different Effect too, in Case you want to try around.