thought that the community might enjoy some ready made rims for cars and tricycles and redflyer wagons :).
this is a collection of some of the rims i have made for my blends over the years, as well as a few created just for this little project of mine. feel free to use these in your own works.

i should note that there are two rims that are exact copies of designer rims. they are both five spoke rims, one is named ‘Foose’ the other ‘Boyd Coddington’. these are deisgnsy Chip Foose and Boyd Codington, so use them carefully. the other ones are my own designs or interpretations of ones i saw cruzin around town.

i could keep goin, but it may be a while before i get to blender again so i thought i would just post my progress and add more later.



nice rims! very generous of you.

um… cool?
They dont look very hard to make, but i guess it took you a long time to make?

Good job!

Nice! Any spinners? :stuck_out_tongue:

They are good models. They are useful, in order to learn, thanks.

wow thanks alot man you are the MAN.

Looking good. These should go in Modron’s model repository.

They dont look very hard to make, but i guess it took you a long time to make?

They aren’t hard, but they aren’t really the easiest thing in the world to make. They aren’t time consuming. I’ve modeled most of them with cars, and just put the collection together.

Sorry, no spinners [email protected]

and i’m glad that you guys find them helpful.

lets see you do better?

Very cool. I did a simialr thing last year, but alas mine weren’t as good as these.

Thanks for the hard work and sharing, will credit you for any I use in renders.



So will I see you cruzing the streets with these?


Woow, nice rims…

Great your giving these away for free.

if i had a “Reality Renderer” you better believe i’d have these on my car!

If there was a reality renderer all of us CG folks would be running the world. Thank god there isn’t. :wink:

People keep up doing this kind of good work for the community.

nice :slight_smile:

big THX