ring around the rosy

riddle me this, how do you thread the needle if, to the thread, there is no whole? Check out the attached blend. I am wondering how to make the physics work so that a block can move freely through the hollow part of a ring. Apparently if you make a ring and turn on convex hull, it will act like a solid disk rather than a hollow ring. Just hit play to see what I mean.

ring around the rosy.blend (360 KB)

Does anyone have a fix for this?

Try other settings than convex hull. Like triangle mesh for example.
If that dosen’t work try setting the collision bounds and so on.

Do as sdfgdfg suggest.

Then check the wiki for the term “convex” and you should get an idea why that happens ;). If it really does not help, enable “Show pyhysics Visualization” in the game menu and run the BGEone time with convex hull and one time with triangle mesh :).

Awesome! thanks. I had not seen that option before. I thought convex hull was the only one that looked at the actual shape of the object. It works great with the triangle mesh bounds.

weel , I had the same problem