Ring of Power

Today rained for an hour, so I decided to do something in Blender and I came up with this ring of power from Lord of the Rings. Very simple image, you can find a lot of 3d images like this on the web I’m aware of it, but I hope you guys like it anyway. If you have any comments or critics, please, write them down I will appreciate them.


Very nice, I love the marble texture, and the inscription on the ring looks good. Something about the gold itself looks a bit off but I’m not sure what.

I like how the alignment of your spot light makes the image look like it has a vignette.

@TheKindGamers: I agree, something in the ring material is off. I think it is the reflection of the hdr image texture I used as world material which is a cloudy sky while, maybe, a plain blue sky would be better.

@deltary: it is not the spot light, it is actually a vignette made in the compositing node.

Thank you guys for the comments, I really appreciate them.

I changed the hdr image I used as background (and I made a couple of minor changes such as decreasing the vignette effect) and this is the result. I think the ring material got improved, what do you think?


Very good work simone!!!

Grazie connazionale :slight_smile: