Ring Station

Here’s a hypothetical space station that draws it’s power from a black hole at it’s center, hence the black bubble. Here’s the link http://www.stormpages.com/blendedgoo/sstation1-hr.html As usual any random thoughts that occur to you while looking at my picture will be appreciated.


Very Cool 8) Sort of DS9-ish look and feel.

Only suggestion would be to turn down the specularity. Too shiny.


Nice touch with the greenish lighting on the interior of the ring.

goo you’ve come along way… can’t wait to see more!

looks good !

you could have a few spots of lights on the planet and a little a drop going down.


Pretty nice!

Lots of details, really like it


Very nice station

Remember that small black holes can be more dangerous than big ones in some because of the tidal effects. They don’t just suck you in, they rip you apart.

  1. pofo

The spaceship is fine the planet needs some work though… maybe use the filter function to get rid of those edges.

The model looks really good. The planet looks like an airless rock, but it looks to have clouds and an atmosphere.

really nice pic love it

but u do know its impossible to build anthing around a black hole right

:stuck_out_tongue: yes i did spot hyperthetical

It looks pretty neat, but when I read “space station powered by a black hole” I thought that it would be a LOT bigger, and not orbiting a planet.

It is not very plausible that a planet would be that close to a black hole.

But hey, when you are creating your own universe, anything is possible. Maby that specices is so advanced that they can capture black holes and bring them where they want. 8)

The theory behind it is if an advanced enough race could capture and contain a microscopic black hole then basically, you can toss any junk you happen to have and get energy for it. The reflective bubble you see around the black hole is supposed to be some sort of “anti-gravity” field that could cancel the gravitational and tidal forces of the black hole. The only problem you’d have is if the black hole happened to evaporate while in your space station. Then you could kiss the station good-bye, as well as a good deal of the planet.

I agree that the planet needs a lot of work, mainly in the part closest to the camera where it’s a bit blury. I added the clouds mainly to make the planet a bit more interesting. It’s really probably more like a moon because of the large distance between the planet and the clouds.

Thanks for all the comments. I’ll try and post an update soon.