Ring test


I created this image last week :


But I’m really not happy with this part of the picture… If anybody has any idea to reduce the radiance just there ? http://users.skynet.be/gaara_of_the_sand/images/diam.jpg

If you wanted to see the Blend file ( 300k ): http://users.skynet.be/gaara_of_the_sand/images/Ring2.zip

But be carefull, I still haven’t give a name the objects and textures.
PS.: With ATHLON2.6G + 1G ram, it took 23h to render ( Yafray Best GI )

Thats like 20 cubes over there! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats like 20 cubes over there!

Actually there are 16 cubes, but they will disappear sooner or later…
I don’t like them but I have no ideas right now of what to use to replace them…

23h for render, man, you are really patient.
And I like your diamonds.

Why did you have 3 sun and photon lamp of each color (R, G and B) instead of one white ?

I first tried the dispersion parameter of YAFRAY with 1 sample ( the default value ) and it wasn’t good, so I used 3 lamps to simulate the difraction.

Then I saw the message “minimum at least 10” for this parameter and I forgot to change the lamp :expressionless: