Ring--textured image

I got the ring mesh of a thread in here, I think it was the new features testing. Anyway, to whoever made it, I hope you don’t mind, i’m using it to further my own skills.

Alright :slight_smile: C&C’s welcome. I was working on my texturing skills, and I also played around with some camera blurring etc :stuck_out_tongue:

good work, the point is: are you using yafray or not?
if not I’d like a lot to know the tecnique to simulate caustics with blender’s internal engine!

Yes… I just can’t figure one thing out … the wood wich the ring is laying on ,… it’s probably a texture right ? If it is…that’s why the space inbetween the wooden parts doesn’t look to real … If you close up stuff it’s usually better to modell the parts…

I might be wrong though … but that’s the way it seems…


I think its a texture if you look very carefully on the right you can see the caustic lines(i think) go over the gap as if it werent there.