Ring the bell ...

Hello everybody.

This is my first “real work” using Blender. I used it as a kind of “hands on” self-learning work to understand most of the user interface. After getting used to the interface i can tell that Blender rocks !!!

Well, here goes the image:


My intention was to make a view of a small, old church bell’s tower.

C&C are welcome.


Its too dark to tell a lot of stuff, but:

I think the textrues I can tell what they are need some work. Like the wood(maybe?) on the walls.

The flame definitely needs work. I think its to uniform and solid for a flame. Look in the blender docs for a way to make flames with particles(if your not already using them).

Also, on lighting the flame, light needs to be cast in all directions from it. Think about that and the light on the walls very close to it.

Good idea, and nice camera angle, it just needs some work.

Hi MusicMan,

Thanks for your comments. Besides Blender being a fantastic tool, the Blender community (Elysiun particularly) is largerly responsible for my enthusiasm in using the tool.

Indeed the image is quite dark. The strange thing is that the image i rendered in Blender doesn’t look so dark in the Blender Render window. It’s just after saving it to jpeg (could this be the problem ?! Maybe saving it to tga and then converting to jpeg ?!) that it becomes so dark. I’ll check the manual to see if i can find out what’s happenning.

I am using the particle system for the flames. Guess i’ll have to tweak a bit the parameters. Although this is a still image, i am not using the static setting (i just used the “dynamic” one and set the Sta parameter to a negative value). Maybe i’ll try the static configuration.

Also i am going to use some bump maps for the wall and the rope textures and then i’ll post the results here.

Once again, thanks for the tips.


Well, here goes my second shot. I tweaked the values for the flame, inserted some bump maps on the wall and on the rope, changed the model slightly, and tried to improve lights but … still WIP. :o



This looks great :wink: It could use some work when it comes to relism but it looks great :slight_smile: reminds me of a game…that I can’t think of.

Keep up the good work :smiley:

Thanks for the C&C.

I’ll be trying to improve realism … i am studying uv-mapping now and maybe it can be useful to help me in this task.