Ring vertices (specific subdivision)

Greetings everybody,

I hate for my first post to be such a simple question, but I’m fairly new to blender, and can anybody tell me how to create a ring of vertices around, say an 8-vertice rectangle? For example, say you create a simple mesh cube, then go to side view and wish to create a single subdivision (but only one as opposed to what “subdivision” does). I recall 3ds Max 7 calling this ‘Segment’, and you put in how many segments you wished to add to a face.

Apologies for my poor 3d vocabulary terms. Hope someone can understand what I’m trying to do.

Future thanks,

It sounds like what you want is a loop cut, aka loop subdivide. The hot key for this is CTRL-R but it has quite a few interesting and helpful options to it. Here is some good reading material:


Exactly what I needed. Thanks a lot!