Ring with engraving: how do I apply a different material? (super hard to face select...)

I made a ring model with smooth metal surface and I have an engraving in it.
I want the engraving to not be smooth, otherwise it’s shiny and unrealistic in the render.
I thought I might select all the faces of the engraving and apply a different material with roughness.
The problem is that it’s super hard to select only the engraved part with the circle select tool (I tried creating seams, but I have too many polys and my edges are too smooth I think).
Also, it selects both the front and the back faces, how do I stop that from happening?

P.S. probably posted in the wrong sub, sorry

Can you show us an image or something, so we can get a better idea at what you’re working with?

Here. You see the engraving is all shiny, which is nice but unrealistic.
I’d like to be able to apply roughness inside it, but selecting those faces is super hard, plus circle select also selects the back faces.

I’m assuming you used a boolean to make the engraving?

You could try the Ambient occlusion node, or the pointiness node - both can be hooked up to a color ramp, which can be adjusted to change its influence. You’d want to make a mask of some kind for this technique, to only allow it to affect the engraving area. A vertex painted mask could work for that, as a simple way of doing it.

Alternatively, you could select a general area (flat) around where the engraving is, duplicate the material you already have, and apply it only to that section, and then use the pointiness or Ambient Occulsion nodes to achieve the desired effect.

Yes I did, and then smoothed the edges in 3dCoat.
Would it have made things easier if I had used another method? (I’m a near total beginner)
I’m going to check out “pointiness or ambient occlusion nodes” on Youtube.

No, that’s probably the best way to do it. One thing to note though, which might help in the future. Generally speaking, when you do a boolean using BoolTools (which is an included add-on in Blender, and is better than the default boolean operators) you can normally go into Edit Mode immediately after, and the boolean itself will be selected, allowing you to then save that vertex selection as a Vertex Group, which would make what you’re trying to do really simple.

I’m assuming 3D Coat remeshes the item?

I suppose so?
When I export the object as an fbx there is a poly reduction process.
This BoolTools add-on looks very interesting, but then the edges will be hard?
I cannot smooth these edges in Blender like I can in 3dCoat, right?
Thanks a lot for your help btw

That looks great, gotta check ot 3d coat

Is there a video that shows this process?
I made the boolean with BoolTools, but I don’t understand how I can select the new faces.

I’m only speaking from personal experience, but I did a quick test to confirm what I said was accurate, and it is.

Two objects:

Boolean one from other with BoolTool Difference (don’t use the brush mode)

And then tab into edit mode on the booleaned object

You can then add a vertex group, and click assign whilst only those verts are selected. It’ll then essentially save that selection for future use, should you need it.

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I’ve been trying to add a bevel to a simple sphere like in your example, but with more polys, and it looks like the bevel has a lot of defects.
Is there an add on that makes better bevels by any chance?

Hard Ops is pretty good at trying to resolve these issues, however in some cases you won’t get around doing some things by hand.

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Yeah beveling/smoothing are super time consuming and the results aren’t satisfactory.
If only I could use an object like my cutter as a selection tool. Too bad.