Ring without finger.

This is the best i made so far. And then i have only been playing around with Blender and Yafray for a few month.

It’s a simple picture but even so it’s still the most complex object i made.
And im not counting the billions of test spheres i made :slight_smile:

The table isnt much to hang in the christmas tree it’s just a plain plane with a texture ontop.

have some HDRI and DoF used Blender 2.42 and Yafray 0.0.9.

And i must say its good results for a little effort.

This pic took me 2 hours to model (redid it once … result s&/%&€ed th first time) rendertime Hmmm Ooooo 20min … not much… or ?

The Ring (Not the ring like in Lord of the ring … more like my ring… the one i have on me)

Very nice!

It would be good to see the front/top of one of the rings though.

If you’re using yafray I would suggest adding caustics to the scene. Good modeling!