(Atariman) #1

Hello, it has been some time sence I last since my last post. So, I WIPed up this pic.


So, what do you think of my 30min wip?

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(digitalSlav) #2

now you just need to model the little plastic shell it comes in… duplicate like 50 times then put it in a machine and you’d get my $.25 haha just kidding. keep em coming!

(Atariman) #3

That isn’t a bad idea, lol. I think I will try that. Here is another pic.


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(wewa_juicyb) #4

I’m a radiosity fanatic (or more like I’m becoming one) and I say, Where’s the radiosity in that picture?! And ofcourse, where’s the Env map?!?! grrrr you’d better put those in there, they would make it look really nice I bet.


(Atariman) #5

Ok. Here is a radiosity version. I think it looks better.


I’m working on a seen with this ring in a gumball machine.

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