Yesturday, i started to create this Ring in 2.53. I really like it. Please post your comments on it below.


Quite grainy. Try a different render system.

If only the rings were not white… yeah um you are getting all the reflection from the white surface…

Does that have Ambient Occlusion on it?

As the others before me have said, the picture is very noisy, and the rings look almost ceramic.

Also, the red color seems a bit washed out. In a picture like this you might want to add a stronger color to give some contrast.

I think the rings should be in a different color. Gold would fit really well and make the image much nicer. Simply making the material yellow would probably work. Right now it’s too white/grey.

Petals need to be darker, they look dead, unless that’s what you are going for. You need a sky for the rings to reflect, the floor should pure white, try adding a diamond to the rings.

Thanks guys for all the comments. Yes, the image is noisy/grainy, because ambient occlusion is on, if forgot to turn up the samples before uploading here. And yes, the clour of hte rings should change, maybe gold.

Haha. My guess was correct. Do I win some sort of prize for that? Anyway, the composition is kind of odd. Too much emptiness in background.