Ringing Phone


Ringing phone for a “Watch, Call, & Win” that I completed last October. The phone itself took a day to model. about another 4 to 5 hours to animate. I animated the phone body first. It’s overall movements determined where everything else was going to be.

It has a diminishing oscillation function curve for the rotation. I keyframed the handset next. Lastly, I matched the cord to the handset. This was keyframed almost every frame like my ribbon animation. Very tricky to get it to match up.

Here’s the DivX movie:

The model is nice and the animation is also. The only crit that I can think of is that the ringing motion should be a great deal more rapid.


btw, how did you get the phone cord to look so nice during animation, if you know what i mean?


Good point. Maybe I’ll bo back and try that. Most of my production orders allot me a limited window for how much time I can spend on a project. Since I spent so much time modelling the phone, I cut into my time for animating. Fewer opportunities to tweak it out. Like most other production jobs, I do have peaks and valleys in my workload. Maybe when I have more time, I’ll fiddle with the motion.

I’m not sure I do know what you mean about the phone cord. There’s motion blur on the entire render. I modeled the cord with the skin feature(I think). I layed it out flat next to the phone, placed a lattice on it and bent it into place.

After key framing the phone body and the handset, I set key frames for the cord. The cord acts like a whip so its movements lag behind the other two objects.

Maybe something other than the default background, too :wink: Perhaps white?

Nice work anyway.