Rings of Hope

(A2597) #1

an Omega searches for a cure to the Drakh plauge, following a rumor of madicinal qualitys in the atmosphere of a planet.

Starfury by mark kane
Omega by A2597 (ME!!! :smiley: )

modeled and rendered in Blender


(Enos Shenk) #2

Wow, very impressive. I dont seem to have much luck with big scenes myself.

(cohort) #3

Just a note, the furies shouldn’t be all on the same rotational plane. They almost never were in the series. They should all be “off” by a degree or five.

(digitalSlav) #4

wow! massive!

great to finally see that thing up and flying!
thanks for sharing

(paradox) #5

Excellent space scene.

(A2597) #6

while true, as you said most of the time.
typically when simply cruising from point a to b, or following a ship, they would be along the same plane. (Unless going at higher speeds, or engaging a target).

as the furys in my scene are simply escorts, they would be along the same plane. :slight_smile:

(cohort) #7

only time I ever saw them on the same rotational plane was immediately after launch from a non-rotating platform, like a carrier.

(0ptikz) #8

While this is a very nicely done space scene, there is something I have to say:

Repeatedly showing B5 pics and nothing else is becoming VERY boring.

Please expand your horizons and try something different for a change…That is the only way you will grow as an artist.

I’m not trying to be harsh on you, I’m just calling it as I see it :smiley:

(A2597) #9

heh, thats just because I like B5. :slight_smile: I find most other stuff boring, trek, yuk (OK, the NX-01 I like), starwars…nope…

now…if there were some SG1 ships…yea, I’d do that. :slight_smile:

I HAVE done some trek pics, and other stuff as well, just much more rare.
So, no offence taken at all, its just my hobby. :smiley:

(CurtisS) #10

But you must admit… he does these scenes very well and that’s count for alot. Very marketable skills indeed.

Nice work A2597!!

(A2597) #11

Tries to fit ego though door

Skweeky noises
loud POP!

Whew! made it… :D:D:D

thanks. :slight_smile:

(basse) #12

wow… I’m not big fan of space scenes, but this has something I like… it just… seems, HUGE. and massive (like tmtechie said) … and slow, peacefull… I dont know … I really like it.

there was this game… hmm… “Homeworld” or something. I wasn’t very good on playing it, but I loved just to cruise around, rotate views and ships… it had something similar like you have here…