Rings Render

Trying to figure things out. Never made a real ring before.

Learning how to make a ring but only got half of one.

Trying out a curved object.

Made a shank and I was wondering why the ends look rounded.
I found out it only happens when its shaded smooth and not
shaded flat. Checking this with EEVEE.

More rings from the net.
Renderer : Radeon Prorender.
The curve in the back was made with Blender Python Script.

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If that is the case then you can try turning on autosmooth in the object data tab under normals. Then you can play with the angle until it clears up. If this is a problem with the mesh though you need to add edges towards the end to tighten it up.

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Thanks, I didnt know about the the auto smooth in the data tab. I just changed it to 30* and
works fine now.

Might give the Lattice Modifier a try.