Rings Render

If that is the case then you can try turning on autosmooth in the object data tab under normals. Then you can play with the angle until it clears up. If this is a problem with the mesh though you need to add edges towards the end to tighten it up.

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Thanks, I didnt know about the the auto smooth in the data tab. I just changed it to 30* and
works fine now.

Might give the Lattice Modifier a try.

Searching for the perfect render.

Trying out a Rose Gold Color.

Found a ring on the net and replaced the shank with mine.

I placed the ring at the very back. Shank looks way to thin and needs work.
It looks like one of those cheap rings in a bubble gum machine. Lol.

Tried making the shank a little thick and messed up some where.

Trying out a knife edge shank on this one.

Another try.

Another with rendering with RPR.

A copper ring with Blender - Radeon Pro Render:

A steel ring with Blender - Radeon ProRender:

Here is another try:

Different setup.

One big puzzle with light rendering setup. Have not figured it out.
Shank needs work. Was rushing to make the model and never
finished it.

Another try with Blender + Radeon Pro Render.

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Trying out the some of the metals with RPR.

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Getting dark and might need some lights on this:

Using the Blender Compositor on both renders but
dont know how its done.
Wrong render settings, lots of specks in the render.