Rings (texture prac)

HI !

this is only a texture practice. i need to get the rings look glassy and cast some colorfull shadows. anyone who knows how to ?


I may be (and probably am) wrong, but I think that to make the rings look more glassy, you could give them ray transparency and to make them cast colored shadows you can put transparent shadow rendering on the floor. Both can be found in the materials section. I doubt that this will look good though…

thx for the nice and fast feedback :wink: ive done the things u told and it actually made it better :wink:

but i dont got the effect yet :frowning:


Try the following material settings:
Alpha: 0.4
Ref: 0.5
Spec: 2.0
Hard: 511
Raymirror: On
RayMir: 0.1
RayTransp: On
IOR: 1.5
Fresnel: 1.5

To get the transparent and coloured shadows MooInfinity was right. You have to hit the TraShadow button in the material settings of the floor.

You also can give the world background a color texture. This will (maybe) cause some nice looking reflections on the glass.

Ive now done ass u told and it works great !!! but i still need some more color on the rings for geting the exact effect i was thinking about. do u know how ? i have experimented with putting a higher alpha value


you porblably mean that you want caustics.


(look for my post) if that’s what you want, look into yafray. it takes longer to render, but as far as my experience with it, it usually looks better.

hope this helps. :smiley:

(p.s. if this effect isnt what you want, please posta link to a picture of what you want.)