Rings (updated) - Luxcore render


Following advices, here is an updated version
I detailed the materials and tweaked the lightning.

Foto during the tweaking process:

First version with more bloom


While the materials look decent, all of the bloom along with the tonemapping is giving it a somewhat washed out look.

It might look better if you toned down the post fx a little.

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Thanks for your comment. Following your accurate advice, I revamped the lightning and effects amount, and also tweaked the materials. I updated my post.

Still looks bad, bloom needs lower threshold, just take the brightest bright out of your render and based on that apply a bloom effect. Also a contrast curve would be good for your render

At this point stating that this image looks bad is blatantly inaccurate. You might state that you don’t like it.

If you didn’t notice I added some tips.

This image has practicaly no bloom. Yet you still mention it. Contrast curve? when the gemstones and metal already show bright and dark areas for the yellow gold foremost ring, which was the main goal. The image has some overshoot, obviously one purpose.

The only thing with this image has been mentioned in other forums, and is about a jewelry technical issue with the side colored baguettes of the ring being to shallow, which actually make the image a bit awkward in the reflections of the aforementioned baguettes, which I am going to correct, as that deserves to be corrected.

Weird that you mention that it has no bloom. Your words:


But yeah buddy, you choose to get better or not. Weird people everywhere. Have a good one.

Oh nice, that is depth of field (with a very slight bloom, augmented by the depth of field, that part of the image looks rather nice though)… Weird people… You too, have a good day…

And while you are at it, go take a look at the Luxecore Renderer gallery, there https://luxcorerender.org/gallery/ … You might find a jewel there… Like we were waiting for you to get better, doing that my entire life every day, but go figure, weird people…

And also, your vignette is from the first posted image (at the bottom of the post), which is the one they told me to correct and I did… at the top of the post… Get focused before commenting inaccurately.

Oh no, don’t worry. Yeah the contrast, renders in Lux gallery are good!