Hi everyone! Im working on some rings to put up for sale on a 3D printing website (shapeways) here are my designs

Tell me what you think… are they ok? would u wear them? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s more important if “she” will wear it.

For the first one, to be honest, the sharp edge is off-putting, you may wish make it comfortable in the initial design base if you want a buyer to part ways with their funds towards your pocket.

The second one is ok, but still a bit bland. I think some elegant style is wanting on it to hide it’s cold mechanical fractual seed, there is plenty of potential here.

I’m going to have to agree. Both to me are a bit too plain to be worth buying. The second has a little bit of an edge curl that is a good start, but it would be cool to see some inlayed pattern or piping crisscrossing, something to catch not only the light but the eye. Also try rendering with HDR to pump up the reflectiveness of the material. I could see someone who is not into “normal” stuff going for the first one, but it’s still lacking something. Keep working them, I’m sure they will get to where you want them, and keep posting images! :slight_smile: