So here is my first mini (and when I say mini I mean mini) project on some wedding rings. Got to grips with using HDR images in reflections and node editing.

Could do with some feedback, just let me know what you think to them. I’m aiming for the most realistic effect possible, any tips anyone?


hahaha the one ring has got a friend! And they look nice, i like the chain too

Very beautifully done. They may be a bit thick. I’m not sure, I don’t know about rings. Looks like an ad for a jewelry store. No one would question the reality.

I like how in the lower picture the shadow the one casts on the surface looks like a heart, very awesome work indeed.

hey there,
for more realism you might also try not only hdr reflections but also lighting http://blendernerd.com/hdr-lighting-tutorial/
or even a different renderer. i personally also thing the fabric has got a tick too much bump.

sweet thanks for the advice i will give it a try

Hi there. These are very nicely done. They (personally speaking) do not look “photo realistic” per say… but in a way they look even better. I like them very much.
With that said, I think you have a few problems. First is a scaling issue. In the ones where they are with a chain, either the rings are about three inches across or the chain is thin as a hair (I have never seen a chain that small). Just scaling up the chain would probable fix that.
In the one were they are casting the heart shadows (which is really nice) it is really unclear what they are sitting on. My suggestion is to make what they are sitting on the crease of some sort of book.
Last is the one were they are on the turntable. Again a scaling problem. It looks to me that the rings are about… oh… a foot in diameter (of course, if they are solid gold I would still want them :)). The wood, from what I can see, looks pretty good. The cloth though, could use some work. It looks like a procedural texture influencing the bump way to much. It might be a bit shiny also. My suggestion is to get a good cloth texture to use.

Well, those are my thoughts. Really like the overall feel and look of the pictures. They are coming along.

apart from what everyone else has said, I think there’s a problem with your reflections, I left a comment on your blender tests post, but this might be a good reference image to show you what I mean.

look at where the ring reflects the table.

Just wanted to mess around with the DOF, not meant to be anything special…

It’s a fun image. Makes me feel very tiny.

Well done. Keep up the good work!

Very neat indeed. Almost very photorealistic. :smiley:

But I must say that the rings look too realistic. Adding a subtle (very subtle) bump mapping of scratches on the rings would give more life and ground them in reality, I think. Also, nothing mirrors that clearly. Try messing with the gloss of the material, lowering it a very small amount.

I think it could look even better if the orientation of the spot where the metal on the chain links comes together varied (right now they all face the camera.) Also, the links seem to all sit at a perfect 90 degree cross. I think in reality some, maybe most, would sit at a sharper angle and not “stand up” so much.

Still looks awesome

wow i love these renders. especially the last one with the chain. i’ve tried a few times to figure out hdri reflections, but never could fully figure it out.