Hey, This is my first posted work. It’s modeled after some other work that I have seen in the past. It’s finished so I posted it. lol I hope you like it. :eyebrowlift:

I know it does not compare to other work posted but I worked hard on it.


I like it.

I really like how all the hanging chains are very slightly varied. It makes it look much more realistic than if they were identical. Good job.

Tasteful, very good! No crits, and I’m usually very nitpicky, well done :smiley: Rendered in Blender Internal, I presume? :slight_smile:

pretty good, nice work

Thank you all for the comments! I did render it in blender. It took about 2 1/2 minutes to render at 1.8 megabytes in size. I compressed it for upload. I did as one noticed, off set each chain to give a more detailed look.

I just added a new model to my finished projects. The spiral took 6 minutes to render in blender. It has a sub surf of 6. The original file was 1920X1200.

Your hard work shows - very good creation.

Thank you!

So nice,I like it!

nice, try rendering with cycles =]

Very nice render, I like the materials of the rings^_^


lookin good, I like looking at some of these finished projects for inspireation

reflections are too uniform, needs from fresnel effect.