100% Open Source (Blender + Gimp)
4000 pass with Cycles


Nice Render, If only cycles had caustics.

Pretty cool rings. And cycles does have caustics.

Yeah cycles does have caustics. They don’t show up clearly in every render. It depends on the lighting setup.

yes,I used very diffuse light setup :slight_smile: soft shadows but no caustic

i think the render is very good, but i am sorry but i don’t like the design, it seems to me to regular … but is my taste… very good work

You should do a tutorial on how this scene. It is really beautiful.

Very nice renders. But… those stones look a bit more like cubic zirconia than diamonds, and I assume they were supposed to be diamonds. I don’t think a diamond should have a dispersion like that, nor should you be able to see the bottom as clearly as this. That said, diamonds are generally a pain to get right, so good job nevertheless!

Very nice! Absolutely flawless!

I tried to model a diamond cut but in render time material does not work fine so I used the blender addon for gemstone :slight_smile: Thanks for comment

My eye would be very hard-pressed to say that these were not, in fact, real rings. :yes:

The photographer in me would go on to say that they depict the rings as they really are when shot under a soft-box; not quite as The Client might wish them to be seen. What’s needed here is just a little bit of “irresistible reflections” on the gems … which IMHO can most-easily be added by compositing with a BI-based overlay which would consist only of an appropriate specular reflection taken from the same geometry. This pass-output, if viewed by itself, would consist only of sparkles in space.

That is, “Cycles has done its work, and has done its work very well. Now, add to that work, drawing from a second image data-set calculated using different techniques.”

thanks for your comment :slight_smile: I’ll try to improve image with some reflections thanks for your suggest :slight_smile: