RIP Bucket walrus

First Colin McRae, then Robert Jordan, now this. :(:(:frowning:

Rest in peace, my friend, you will be missed. :frowning: I wish I could put a bucket at his memorial instead of flowers.

Poor guy never did find his bucket.

hey look,
It is p00f and his wife!

the bucket if full of Diet coke :smiley:

Lol! Iโ€™ve never met the lovely couple, but that was sure funny.:evilgrin:

You may be joking but I actually have a 100oz cup thatโ€™s little more than a bucket that I get filled almost daily with Diet Coke.

How big is 100oz ?

Use the google:

2.95735297 liters

A sad day for humanity.

LOL! Iโ€™m sure p00f would be celebrating if that were his wife. :wink:

That is not my wife!!

Her buckett is pink! :stuck_out_tongue:

Same fishy aroma on hot summer days though.

get back to work Mmph!

Pink bucket , has an odd image burned into my head I will never get rid of :frowning:
Check your PMโ€™s p00f!

Poof: haha nice one!