RIP Pandemic?

EA has shut Pandemic Studios, yet another casualty in this economy. Destroy All Humans was a fav for me, as was Clone Wars. Yours?

They didn’t actually close it, just moved it and hired a few different people.

its because their genius ceo overpaid for it in the first place; they bought pandemic and bioware for over U$800million in 2006 when others where buying studios for U$30million or less three years later the have shut pandemic down…

Star Wars Battlefront 1&2 were my favourites. It is unfortunate that this happened.

The Battle Front games were great. I wonder when some other studio will pick it up.

Sad about Pandemic.

Another studio was onto a third Battle Front that was amazing, but they closed too.

There was a leaked tech demo of the ROTS Coruscant battle where the character went from planetside, to flying in the skies, to flying in orbit in the massive space battle and then landed in a cruiser and fighting out on foot again.


So I really hope someone picks all that up again. I’m sure the tech video is still out there somewhere, but the link I had was taken down due to copyright issues.