Ripped Jeans String

I’ve been working on a project involving Blender. I need to make jeans that look ripped, with string covering the holes. Like so:

I have the jeans modeled, but I don’t know how to create the strings in the holes. I’ve tried using shrinkwrap, but maybe I did it wrong. If you have any suggestions, it would be appreciated for you to share.
Pants.blend (517 KB)

Here is my .blend file so that you might be able to experiment with it.


I’d say unless you need to dramatically deform the strings, or are intending a super-close-up render of the frayed areas, you’d be better served by modeling the jeans solid and incorporating the strings into the material via a texture. You can even get objects to show through with transparency.

Would be much simpler to not model the strings but texture those patches instead. Could also make the geometry transparent in the material/shader where one should be able to see through it.

It’s great that you included an example .blend, don’t see that often from a new forum user. If you meant to include the background images, those weren’t packed in. Tutorial linked in my signature shows how to prepare a .blend for upload.

The objects in the file contained common beginner mistakes

Unapplied object scale and rotation. These make what you see in the viewport different from what tools and modifiers use, so they seem to behave differently from what you’re looking at. For example, you’re not looking at the actual thickness of what solidify creates.

Object mode, ctrl+A -> rotation & scale to apply.

Vertices are away from the mirror plane so they don’t merge. Could enable clipping on the mirror and move the vertices along X until they stick on the mirror plane and merge. Also don’t enable subdivision surface visibility on the editing cage while building the model structure, it doesn’t show the actual vertex positions and you can create problems such as this one without noticing.


Here’s an image-tut compilation I made from various resources. It has a pretty detailed guide on creating ripped cloth, it may be worth your while to download it…

Thank you for the reply, I found the tips you offered rather helpful. I am looking forward to learning more on how to effectively use Blender. I will add the textured model when I have it finished. I was aware of the subdivision surface ‘distortion’ that happens with vertices. I tend to turn visibility on and off every now and then to see how it looks with and without it.