Ripped paper with transparent alpha texture?

I’m trying to rip a piece of paper in half. I used subdivisions and fractals to get the paper to look torn, but now I need to give the edges that kind of feathery feel to them. I looked around and thought that an alpha texture might work best based on how I’ve seen them used, but I have no experience with them and can’t find a good tutorial. Texturing is definitely my weakest area, and if I’m just completely off, let me know. I’d really like some help with this one, and any would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

No one? Are there any basic tutorials you could point me t and I might be able to figure it out from there?

well, do you understand UV textures and texture painting?

If you do, then you use an image editor to paint the feathery areas black, leaving the rest of theimage white. when you assign the texture, to UV, you have to find an option called “calculate alpha” and in the influence, check the influence to alpha, mode to multiply. In the material tab, enable transparency. if the object will cast shadows, on whatever object it will cast to, the objects material must have “recieve transparent” checked.

I have a vague understanding of UVs, but I’ve needed to force myself to learn them better anyway, so this seems like a pretty good opportunity. When I turn on transparency, are there any specific settings I need to have?

Also, thanks for responding.

So I tried it out and did what you said, but i didn’t have good results. Here’s the .blend and maybe you can tell me what I’m doing wrong.


Ripped Test.blend (582 KB)

here you go…


Ripped Test.blend (546 KB)

Thanks! Did you do anything differently than mine or anything? I realized after I posted the file that the texture paint image didn’t go with it, so I’m exactly sure how you got that to work. I’m sorry for being a pain, it’s just that this is something I’ve been trying to figure out on my own with trial and error for a while and getting so close is making me antsy haha

check out the texture – I packed the image used for alpha (RippedTest.jpg) black areas are transparent, white are not. Look at how I put the settings – material alpha of one, texture set to multiply with an influence of 1,

if you’re asking about packing (including images and stuff with a blend) file–>> external data -->> pack into blend file.

then click save and all will be included.

it wasn’t perfect, because the UVs aren’t perfeclty lined with the image and you solidified it, but hopefully you can make the final adjustments to your needs.

Alright, cool, thanks a lot!

So it’s working out pretty well. My only remaining questions are : is there any way to get rid of that thin outline of the original plane and is there any way I can solidify the paper without messing up the whole thing?

Here’s the picture, by the way, so you can see what I mean