Ripping Vertex help

So imagine a grid of vertices, and lets say you select a vertex and rip it up and to the left. But no, it doesn’t cooperate the way you want because what seems like one vertex is actually several vertices stacked on top of each other. So my question is, how do you precisely select which vertex you are selecting to rip?

I would say that in general, you don’t select a vertex from a pile. Usually, if you have a pile of vertices then you want to to combine them into a single vert. I guess the exception would be if you wanted to animate the mesh opening up somehow. But if you are really talking about ripping it then it sounds like you did want them merged.

Select all the vertices, hit spacebar, type “Remove Double”, and hit Enter. That will combine all of them into a single vert so you can then rip it.

Let me see if I can further illustrate my point. Here’s a subdivided grid, no doubles remain.

Now let’s say I want to rip it up, look what happens

< Bad

Here’s what I wanted, after randomly clicking on the vertex several times,

Just wish there was a way to get the right vertex the first time. Anyone know of a shortcut or button to help with this problem?

It’s based on the mouse cursor position.
To get the rip result you want, position the cursor above the vert - the direction you want to separate towards.

By the powers, you’re right! Thanks!