Ripple motion on multiple objects

I have a series of 42 flattened rectangles that I would like to animate in a rippling motion. Imagine if they were connected (they’re not) and you grabbed one end like a water hose and jerked it quickly up and down, how the wave would propagate out through the hose–that’s how I’d like the blocks to move.

They only need to move in the Z direction. Alternatively, think about it as if the blocks were a caterpillar crawling. That kind of motion. But I don’t want it to be continuous, like a series of waves; just a single undulation and then perhaps another.

What’s the best way to accomplish this?


Andrew Hughes

other than animations for each, you may be able to join them into a single object and apply the wave modifier. Give it a try.

Unfortunately, part of what I want to accomplish is that with each undulation the blocks move a little farther apart. Because of this, I really want to keep them separate. Also, the wave modifier (I think) is going to deform the mesh, not displace the object.

Anyway, I definitely appreciate the idea. Right now I think the best way to accomplish this is gonna be through some type of expression driver.

object tab -> relation extras -> slow parent

Nice. Thanks.

awesome liero. good idea. i’ll try
thanks for sharing

I knew there would be at least 3 different ways to do this I wasn’t seeing. Awesome.

i was to say that liero has made a useful script for that… :smiley:
But he has already said it.

nice script liero… lots of fun indeed!.. I also was thinking in terms of hooks and dupliverts to do this… kind of like making a tank track but using the wave tool… but …

Dupliverts and the wave modifier did the trick, but it’s great to have learned about all these other methods. Thanks.