Ripstings Hair Plugin?

(Nhytro) #1

Hi! can someone point me to where I can download ripstings Hair plug-in?

(RipSting) #2

It’s still alpha because somehow the Y Size got screwed up when I converted to global co-ordinates. But here’s a previous version that works:

Just note that you’ll want to clear the object’s rotation for the fibers to grow in the right direction if you’re using gravity. This is what the global co-ordinates version is supposed to solve, but…

Save before you run my script. If you accidentally tell it to generate 1 billion faces, it’s gonna take awhile…

(LohnS) #3

sry to bring up an old thread but i’ve been trying to work this script out and completely failing. I just can’t get it to animate. I read all the instructions over and over, but i just have little knowledge to these things and can’t work it out. If somebody could give some step by step intructions that would be a life saver.

(RipSting) #4

Have you downloaded eeshlo’s dynoise module from his website like it says in the readme? Does the example work?

(LohnS) #5

yup i’ve done it all right i’m sure, the noise thing works fine, i can get the grass to generate, but the frame oundaries is only set to 1-1 so idon’t know what goin on with that =P.

just animating i have no idea how to make the wind empty work with the grass to animte, any help would be appreciated =)

(RipSting) #6

Forget this post, check out my new, easier to use script here:

oh oh… To animate it:

1)Load your model and my fiber generator.
2)Make sure you have an Empty named ‘Wind’
3)Run the fiber generator on the mesh like you would normally (Alt-P)
4)Re-Select the base mesh
5)Go to the script buttons
6)Hit New and on FrameChanged enter the name of my script (Fiber or FiberWind depending on which version you have)
7)Run your animation with Alt-A

Note- Unless you set the density to a low number this will take a long time to generate all the fibers for each frame. The next update should speed up this process.
Note- Material data is currently lost during the animation process, I’m currently working on a solution.