Rise And Shine (updated 23. Nov - even darker ;))


thanks to manitwo from the indigo forums, I am now aware of the benefits of post-pro color correction. Thank you very much for that. This is what the piece looks now, and I’m very happy with it mood wise.




today a somewhat darker piece.

Night has become painful for me. It brings to light the regrets of the day. ~Grey Livingston

old version: 1024x768

Tech stuff.
Modeled with Blender, rendered with Indigo.

Awesome job! I love the tiles, and the use of DOF is great. I look forward to seeing some more great stuff from you.

You can see the pain in his eyes!
Position of a camera is a bit strange.
Good work man!

Great stuff!
Very expressive eyes! Congrats, man!

Excellent piece! Tells a very intruiging story! (I love to see this in artwork!)

Very nice! 4 stars!

Eyes are very expressives.
Disturbing picture! :wink:

Thank you all, glad you like it. It could have been easily more disturbing, but I toned it down a little. Maybe I’ll do something horrid in my next piece, maybe it’ll be cute bunnies on a meadow, who knows. :wink:

Yeigh. Yeah. And I know it could’ve been plenty more disturbing. :stuck_out_tongue: Nice balance, though.

Is it me, or is the funky camera angle reminiscent of Silent Hill?

Def SH resemblance

Very nice! I first saw this in the Indigo forum. Is this a play on the word “showerhead”?

You might have slightly overdid it on the DOF though.

Nice Gallery material.


I’m surprised you guys got the Silent Hill influence, yes… I definitely got inspired by both the movie and the game series. I even used a optical illusion (the heads are diagonally placed) to get a better depth of field effect.
For the updated picture look at the first post. :slight_smile:

very exact and very well executed! I’m impressed! Stunning render!

It is very good!
But I feel painful…:wink:

har har. nice man.

very good work, as has been said, great job with the eyes. convey the feeling perfectly.


Excellent piece,I must try to get to grips with indigo sometime.