Rise of the Blenderbeast

What do you get when you cross an orca, the Blender logo and a dragon?:confused:

The Blenderbeast!


The sea is there mostly to hide the fact that I still need to design the body. I’m still trying to decide whether I want it to be more of a sea serpent or a dragon, whether or not it will have wings, etc. The concept was created expressly for the 2.43 splash screen contest. Any crits?

I really like that, actually. It’s really cool, though your picture, and the water especially, could benefit from an angmap. Just slap a nice sky in there, even just as a reflection map on the water, and the picture’ll be pretty much complete. Actually, one tiny modelling thing. The head-tentacles look almost too subsurfaced, try and make them a little a little pointy. Not a lot, cause it shouldn’t look knife-like, but just have a little more definition to make it look more detailed and natural.

All-in-all though, it’s looking great, and uh…

I’d go for the sea-serpent. :]

I like the idea.
Maybe you can position it otherwise as he is flying into the picture. Than you dont need to model his chest too.

Oooh, someone said Dragon…must…post.

Looks nice so far, though if you say it’s also part Dragon I’d say add a little more in the way of Dragon features cause I don’t see the Dragon part well.

Gives CD’s elipses a sideways look

Anyway, to me it looks like a Sonic-The-Hedgehoge style sea-serpent creature, which is pretty cool :).

Hehe… greetings from “Cecil” ^.=.^ … not much of a dragon but a nice sea serpent after all.

the shape of the head and neck look dragonlike, the mouth is orca and the tenacles blender :stuck_out_tongue: IMO


Bingo! :yes: (though I prefer to call them lekku instead of tentacles) :wink: and the eyespot is both orca and blender.

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Ah, do you mean Perfect Chaos from Sonic Adventure DX? That’s the only sea-serpent thing that I can think of from the Sonic franchise. I drew a picture of it once though.

Now just change the color to blue and he can be Sonic’s water-based alter-ego:yes:

Now just change the color to blue and he can be Sonic’s water-based alter-ego

!!! Idea Alert !!! I could have my sonic model riding atop the blenderbeast in typical Sonic fashion while having a group of my Egg gunner robos chasing them both and firing. :slight_smile:

I really like this! Simple yet effective. I must admit though… It doesn’t look like a very natural creature. I don’t know if you’re going for that, but… it’s good anyway:yes:. Also, I agree with BlackBoe, the tentacles should be a bit more pointy.

Nah, I was just thinking that the large eye, the spine design, and probably the vibrant texturing made me think it looked like a sea-serpent done in sort of a S-t-H style, is all.

I’m starting to grow on the current version of it as-is, too.

Eclipse: I think the blender-beast should stand on its own. It looks good as a mascot-y type thing. Still though, it’s your model.

Sorry, just a crazy Sonicfan on the loose with a couple of models lying around that have no current purpose. :stuck_out_tongue: It was meant to be a “mascot-y” type thing, seeing as I designed the concept and built the whole thing during the approx. 15-day period between when I saw the Blendernation article about the 2.43 splash screen contest and the end of said contest. (minus the time wasted on a different entry idea I quickly scrapped after the first few days of work) The only difference between my entry and this picture is the larger size, and the awesome new defocus node. :evilgrin:

It looks like a yellow version of a killer whale. (The little patch on his temple!) But it’s good! I was just expecting something a little more…oh, what’s the word? …dramatic!

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