RISE OF THE NEW BGE: New Blender Gamekit book announced


In the link you’ll find a new Blender Gamekit book for the updated features have been announced adding to the flood of positive responses the Blender Foundation has gotton for all the work in fixing and bringing the BGE to the next level. This is huge, as the BGE is fully loved and attended to once again and once again seen as a great asset to Blender.

Once upon a time the BGE was loved
In Blender 2.25 it was seen as a revolution and a great idea
People made games with it, people saw it as loved.
But the dark clouds were to roll in someday, oh my mamma mia.

It wasn’t until 2.33 it was put back in
It was like a sputtering car that physics system it used to have
The engine got slower, and got more buggy
People thought Snailrose’s and Erwin’s work would save it for the time.

Memory leaks became common, logic bricks became broken
Despite cool bullet physics it was turning into junk
A burden to Blender it became and near impossible to make good games
Would it be removed from Blender because it was in a deep funk.

Then Ben2610 came and fixed up all the bugs
Like an old car that was a rustbucket being made drivable again
By 2.46 it was buzzing again like new
The Apricot guys decided it could be made even better than before

GLSL, State machines, new graphics and…logic
Bringing it to modern standards and professionalism in the BGE…has returned.
Rising like a Pheonix, the BGE continues its rise
With Bullet physics being upgraded it’s now… great to use it.

So what have we learned
The BGE fell and rose
It’s now professional once again
The BGE is no longer hosed

We can easily make great games with it now
With many levels
With lots of cool graphics
And wrap them in a complete package.


thnx for the link.

great story CD

I love fiction…

that looks like the book of genesis xD

Chapter Three: Bugs, Memory Leaks, and Performance Shortcomings: How to Cope With the Stress of Using the BGE.

Just kidding of course.