Rise of The Ottoman Empire Basic Gameplay

Historical ^^ and thx 3dGuru

great! i will download as soon as i get back from school tomorrow!!

good good keeping up the gd work

Hey looks good, a few questions:

You are using the Realmcrafter engine, right?

Are the models made and animated in Blender?

using realmcrafter and some are made in blender and some are not

the Ottoman Empire was one of the largest Empires in the world they werent evil

Yes they were, and they were actually one of the first armies to carry guns also (right alongside China, Britain and Japan), but one might question whether they were evil or good. That’s hard to determine either way due to the fact that the Ottoman Empire (like other empires) also had it’s share of absolutist rulers.

By the way, this is pretty good looking, but you have stretched UV’s in several places.


they werent evil Fatih Mehmet Sultan could have taken the whole world but he spared the life of the christian ruler valueing all lifes

realmcrafter engine? sounds intresting, any links?

sorry have to pay for it its 100$ its got a intresting modeling program

gone for the night leave a msg ^^

AMAZING, are you planning on selling it? I didnt download the demo so Im just wondering…are there any NPC’s/enemies and AI? If the Realmcrafter GE supports python, there are a lot of great AI templates in the forum…

This game looks kind of “Mount&Blade”. Good work! Looks cool for now.
As far as I know “Mount&Blade” is Turkish game too.

P.S. “Ottoman Empire was, an Islamic successor to earlier Mediterranean empires — namely the Roman and Byzantine empires.”
My country was 5 centuries under Ottoman Empire control.:wink: The Russians stops them and push them out at the Danube…in XVIII century.
But in many aspects(like culture, technology…ect.) the Ottoman Empire was very advanced. I dont think it was evil…lits just …like every other Empire, its only wish was to take over the world.:slight_smile:

P.S. Good idea, good character models, if it will become real mmo I think the game will have good future.

thx it will be a RTS / MMorpg game every time you go to war you will control your army and you have to be a certain lvl to go to war when you are in war u control a army .i might be planning to sell but free to the forums ^^
there are also a npc that sells a wep and you can fight chickens and lvl up at the moment

who was the scriptor that did the stuff for this?
would he/she help me with my kung fu game?:eyebrowlift2:

where should i donwload the game?I dont see anywhere where i can download it.I dont even see the name of your game

Is this real?
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Thread is old but i was not see before. Thank you for idea. keep up good work