Rising Dirt Grunge

Currently creating the following scene:

Can anyone point me to a tutorial or advise me on how to make the grunge rising up from the floor more realistic?
similiar to this image:


This video was very useful for learning how to add grunge, leaks & imperfections to a wall.

And below, some (paid) alphas, decals, & texture links to check out as well. I’m sure there are plenty of free alternatives, just pointing them out so you can get an idea of how you might use them.

I might also suggest that part of the reason you might be unhappy with your current results is that the rest of the room is so very clean in comparison. Try a google image search for “grunge wall” to better see what I mean.

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Thanks a lot, that video is looks precisely like what I needed. :clap:

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I found this video helpful when i had to do grungy leaking stuff this video has a node based way to do it - 5mins in looks like what your going for
a link to node group is in the discription of the youtube vid

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Thanks, I was currently using that, it’s quite good. :ok_hand: