Rising tide game demo

This is an update of a game that I have been working on, on and off for a while. Just thought I’d post a video update of the progress so far.
I have made 7 levels/areas and a passage area that links all the levels.
I am currently working on a some enemies. The AI is proving a bit harder than I expected.:frowning:

This is a video of the first level:

I remember seeing this game a long time ago! It looks really good!

Interesting - you play as a book? And you’re in an attic, I presume? Well, that’s certainly unique. Looking pretty good, so far.

Yes, I remember as well. I love this game. He’s a book? He seems to gain power or something by grabbing other books?

Yes I did start this game a loooong time ago but had shelved it for a some months.
The story in a nutshell is that you are a wizard who discovers a dark secret and because of it gets attacked. To save his life he transfers himself into a book. But since the book cannot contain all his knowledge he forgets what the secret is and starts off with a few basic skills. He then has to go around collecting letters to spell words that give him new skills until he gains enough knowledge to remember his mission.

What a great game! I really like it :smiley:

You still need to polish alot, ofcourse, but the idea is good and he has some nice skills. The only two real downsides are the framerate and the camera. Other then that, great work :slight_smile: