Rite of Passage - Extra 1

I’ve started work on an extra for my short film, Rite of Passage. He doesn’t have an official name, but I call him Fatman. He’s a very successful hunter and it shows.

To learn more about the project, visit my home page; the link in my sig.





coming along nicely, so far! hah, and your using celtx? its an awesome piece of software! :slight_smile:

theres a pole close to the eye, but thats the only thing i can nit pick on right now…! :slight_smile:
ah, also 2 poles next to each other at the corner of the mouth, but perhaps youre just using em all to control the face-loop flow? :confused:

Thanks Felix, yes I am using Celtx. It’s pretty powerful, but my favorite part of 3d film creation is the modeling, so I’m actually modeling as a write.

I see what you mean about the pole. I didn’t read your comment as I continued working on this, and it’s still there - however it doesn’t seem to be causing a problem anymore.

Before I could go any further, I needed to draw a concept, so I did. After that I could continue.

Below you can see my strip modeling technique. I used the same method on Bellian with great results. Stop reading here if you’re press for time. I have a lot to say!

If you’re wondering about his size, he is about 3 times taller than Toki. Toki is the - perhaps unprofessional - unit of measurement for the entire project. All of the characters of this species share a few common features:

  1. They all have horns
  2. They are all cool in color - green to blue for males, purple to pink for females
  3. Their ears are always floppy and loose.
  4. Their legs bend the same way.
  5. They all have tails

There are several differences though. This guy for example, is extremely tall and very fat. So that should tell you there is no standard height. The tails vary from long to short and thick to thin. Their faces always have mussles, but their length vary greatly. Bellian’s face could be compared to a bear while Toki’s face could be compared to a pug. This guy’s face is kinda like a kitten… which is funny because he’s this big huge hunter warrior guy.




With the remaining time I had tonight, added some detail to the body and started work on the legs. That crease you see under the belly is where the loin cloth will go. Minor update: His name is Teranus.




I have completed the feet, arms and hands. Later I’ll make some improvements and model the loin cloth and other accessories. The black spot in his eyes are temporary, I’ll model in proper pupils later.





Well, here are the loin cloth and accessories. I’ll probably improve the teeth on his necklace a bit, and speaking of teeth, I will need to model the inside of his mouth.




nicely done!