Rite of Passage - Town Hall

Hello, this is a continuation of the RoP project. Earlier you saw the work in progress thread of Teranus. I’m still working on that, but I paused it pending new design updates. This building was sketched first, then modeled. It represents the general style of the buildings in the town. It is still in progress of course, and I have many things left to do.

One of the things I’m currently doing is redesigning the look of the town. Notice I call it a town now instead of a tribe. I am adding a few hundred years upon this culture. Expect clotheing updates on the character models I have done so far.

The following image is actually more of a wip for the whole project. Here you can plainly see the clash between the ‘clothes’ and the building style.

looks cool…the roof of the building looks a bit weird where it touches other parts though

From the first image you posted it looks like under one of the pillars [if your facing the building it is the right one] is crved out like it dosnt match witht he other one.