Ritz Carlton Hotel Room (Feedback and help needed)

My scene so far:

Actual thing:

This is the Ritz Carlton in my city Hong Kong, the world’s highest hotel! I spent almost all day on this because I’m still new to Blender :stuck_out_tongue: Although scaling is a bit off, I think it looks fine!

Please leave some feed back on this and tips about the lighting and how I can achieve the lighting in the actual picture?

I would also like to ask how to get the city picture like that in the background? (What do I have to do)

Thanks guys!

Test render with some diffuse/ glossy materials added to the mesh. What do you think? What about the lighting (added two giant planes).

Why are the edges jagged and not smooth? and how can I add the background picture of the city?

Hi! For the Lighting you can use an HDRI, to set it up just go in the world panel, select use nodes if the button appears, then click the little dot next to the color bar and select Envroinment texture, then just choose a good HDRI.
To give a more professiona look and add the background image, you can render the exterior as tranparent by going in the rendering tab, and under Film options check Transparent, then adding that image you can see in the reference in gimp / photoshop, or in blender’s compositor! :slight_smile:

For the jagged edges, increase the resolution, and make sure it is set to 100% here:

And if the jagged edges are in the meshes, like the border of the sofa, you can add a Subdivision Surface modifier, and if it does not resolve it you can manually bevel the edges. :slight_smile:

If you need more help or i didn’t explained it well just tell us! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help! Is this looking right? (I just picked a random HDRI haha). According to my reference picture, which HDRI would you recommend? and is it possible to change the direction of the HDRI so the light would be shining at the room? Because it seems that according to the picture the light is shining from the back (off the photo)

Also, the transparency thing works like green screen right? I just add the photo to the final render in Photoshop?

Oh and also no idea why but beveling/ subdivision don’t work :frowning: is it because of the way I formed the couch? I did it by adding a vertical loop cut to the left, and then added smaller loop cuts in there. Then, I grabbed the vertices of those loop cuts and moved them to slowly form the curve.