River Paradise 2.0

So I posted this in the Finished Projects section and didn’t quite get the response I was expecting. So I thought I would put it into the WIP section and maybe get some C & C.

So the idea is that this is just a still taken from an animation I have been attempting to render for a few days. Before I get too far along into the rendering I would like to know what all I could improve upon.

Thanks for taking the time too look and feel free to Critic as you see fit.

the water looks tilted? or is that the camera angle? but than the trees would be tilted…

I think I see what you mean. So the animation is suppose to be in point of view of a glider going through the river bed. So on every turn I banked the camera to go with the turn.


Here is what I mean. Below is the viewport render of most of the animation.

Is that motionblur on the trees (especially on the right?)
And I think the water could be improved, right at the moment it looks like there is no depth, because we can see the ground, and it seems to be just around 10-20 centimeters unter the surface… so nothing like a river but a little stream.