River Side

This is my first post here. Expecting more comments from all of you.:cool:

Rendered in cycles.

I’ve just checked out the ancient home you did as well and I really like your style of work. It’s very bright, colorful and has a certain stylistic approach to it that makes it stand out. Good work!!
Personally, the grass closest to the camera are a bit low-poly for such a close-up, but other than that it’s absolutely beautiful!!
How long did this scene take you?

Wow! Thank you!
I am still a learner, digging and learning Blender… hence it took nearly three days to complete. Another day for rendering and compositing.

Happy to share this screenshot, behind the real output. I also noted the low poly grass, but somehow, the client was satisfied :slight_smile:
Maybe i’ll improve it, once I update my machine. Am just waiting for the graphic card that i’ve ordered.

Nicely done. I love the almost cartoonish feel of it. How long did it take to render? And what was the poly count?

I would’ve been happy with it too! Depending on the final resolution of course, but as is, would’ve been over the moon (^^,)!

The scene is much smaller than I thought it would be. You really have a nac for knowing what to keep and what not to. Good job! I’m guessing this was purely a one angle image deal?

Single scene was required by the client… But out of my own interest, I have planned to animate the scene. Maybe I’ll do it once I receive the graphic card :slight_smile:

I think I’ve not added any cartoonish style in it :slight_smile: I have divided the scene for faster rendering. Rendering time was less than 30 minutes, but without the trees. The total count is 14281712 Vertices and 14277484 Faces with multiresolution calculated in sculpt mode.

Hoping to see it animated (^^,)!!