River Side


Here is an outdoor scene integrating a villa inspired by the Type Variant house (Vincent James Associates Architects) which is another project I started some times ago and that I hope to finish one day.

The goal wasn’t to achieve a photoreal result but something with a more painting feeling, at least for some images.

Nothing special to say from technical point of vue, as usual I mixed sunlight result with an hdr lit render and of course lot of instances to create all that nature environment.

Everything was modeled in Blender, trees are generated with my own tree generator script.

Rendered with Octane Standalone.
Render time from 30 min to 1h on two gtx580.

Edit : Not only 3DTotal granted me an award for this image (http://www.3dtotal.com/index_gallery_detailed2.php?id=5783&cat=scenes#.UzGn0PmSxBk) but they also asked me to write a making of, so if you are interested you may find it there: http://www.3dtotal.com/index_tutorial_detailed.php?id=1852#.UzGmyPmSxBk.


wow,really great work man.“5 star”

This looks absolutely amazing!

just beatiful, flawless. Great job!

One of the most fantastic environment i’ve ever seen. 5 stars.

when can I move in? gorgeous.

very impressive!

Stunning! Great job! 5*

A little breakdown would be awesome.

beautiful work man… like it a lot!

Enrico, stop it. You’re frustrating me. When is this nose bleeding gonna stop? :wink:


Beautiful man:P Made me smile and I love me some nature. I’m with Reyn very frustrating but enjoyable if there is such a thing:) I believe you definitely achieved your goal of a painterly feel. For me image no.2 blows my mind. The only thing I find letting the overall environment down is the rock face. It seems that the texture shows a lot of rough surface but the model seems smooth. Hitting that with some normal map or hand sculpt would do the trick next time:)

One more thing, I’m always amazed at your environments and how they incorporate with the architecture. Very well thought out almost as if you have been there 100’s of times.

To the gallery with you once again:P

Absolutely awesomeness, can u share your tree generator and few screen grabs on how u reached this masterpiece.

Well, considering you were not going for realism, I’d hate to think how good it would be if you did! :smiley: Lovely work.

can you make tutorial for this??really impressive…

No doubt, this is gallery bound. Just a friggen unbelievable masterpiece you have created here.

I can always tend to appreciate just how much work you put in to model every detail throughout an entire environment so you can capture a dozen or so different images from it, I usually just model an environment to get one render.

What’s amazing is that you decided to go all the way and model part of the inside of the house as well, just how much memory did it take to render these images?

you made it perfect, as usual.

I realize you are going for a painterly point of view, but I think it would have been so cool if the render with the camera over the river had not had the boat still tied up at the dock. five stars

Excellent work.

It’s an honor to be able to comment on this. Loverly work! gets my stars for sure. 5 of them.