River simulation

I’m trying to make a river like the one in this clip, like at 1:45 but with a little bit of current. The current is giving me a hard time. What I did now is to create a mesh in the shape of my water and at the end of the river an outflow that just “sucks” the water. You can see the setup in the attached file.


I’ve been running some sims for a few days now but I just can’t get something similar. And the river is quite long too in my scene so I need a very long domain box.

I’m not sure if flip fluid would do a better job than mantaflow.

I would appreciated any tips and suggestions.

riverSim_v03.blend.zip (678.2 KB)

If you don’t have objects interacting with it, you could just use the Ocean Modifier on a surface to fake it.

Simulating a long, detailed river is very heavy… The Inflow+Outflow idea seems promising.

We ended up with the simplest solution. I went outside and shot a real river… :slight_smile:

Sim was just too big. Ocean modifier doesn’t have current.

The ocean modifier has waves and wind that can easily be adjusted to simulate a current.

We tried with the ocean modifier but we have not been able to achieve what we were looking for.