Riverbank is my latest art made in Blender. It shows a bunch of mossy rocks on the side of a river.

Elements of this render were taken from different tutorials. The rocks were from Andrew Price’s nature academy, week 13, and the river was from week 5.

Full sized Render:

Hmm something about the water seems wrong, maybe the color?
Also the transition to the background photo is much to harsh and the angle is not 100% matching.
Maybe that can be helped with some Depth of field and some more objects in the background.

Overall i like it, the critique is just picking out rather minor flaws :wink:

Yeah, looks blueish.
So so you know, water is NOT blue.

I aggree with the harsh background. The reason the water is blue is because I made the mid-tones blue in the color grading process.

Yeah, like Jimmyon said, try to smooth out the transition between the rocks and the background image. Add some plants behind the rocks and maybe a few trees. Combine this with some Depth of Field and it should look better :slight_smile: Great image though!

Nice image. The moss on the rocks are great, but maybe a watermark from would help?

Yeah, I should really have put this in the WIP thread (or whatever the equivelent is called) because I usually at watermarks at the end (saves the hastle of Photoshopping every Render I make)

Will do :slight_smile: Thanks for the tip.